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Software Info
Software Name:   JM-Doc2Txt

Version:   3.0
Software Type:   Shared Software (Shareware)
Run OS:   Windows
Software Size:   1017 K
Download:   doc2tsetup.zip

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JM-Doc2Txt is a Word (.doc, .docx, rtf) file to plain text (.txt) file converter software. It parses Word file natively and does NOT need MS-Word software, processes file at very high speed and you can convert a lot of files once time!

Its key features:
Fully independent, parses Word file natively, does not depend on MS-Word or any third party software
Supports all Word version formats, from Word 95 to 2007 and Open XML
Batch converts Word files to text files quickly
Provides flexible conversion options
Unicode support, converts file encoded in any language
Supports drag-drop or copy-paste files and folders
Cool interface, easy to use
With command line version

File format specification

JM-Doc2Txt supports file types specifications:
DOC: MS-Word 95, 97-2007
DOCX: MS-Office Open XML Format
RTF: Rich Text Format

Note: JM-Doc2Txt does not support extracting text from password encrypted file.



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